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  • The data provides a summary of volcanic ash samples collected from around Anak Krakatau, Indonesia, in August 2019, originating from the December 2018 eruption. The ash was generated in eruptions immediately following the sector collapse of Anak Krakatau. The data provides a summary of sample locations, brief information on the sample context (original notebook entries for the field sites, alongside summary stratigraphic descriptions), componentry information for selected ash samples, laser-diffraction grain-size information for the ash samples, whole rock XRF compositional analysis of selected samples, and EPMA mineral analyses from selected samples.

  • We provide here Pb isotope data for the basement rocks cored during IODP Expedition 352 (Bonin Forearc). The data are reported as 206Pb/204Pb, 207Pb/204Pb and 208Pb/204Pb ratios together with their errors. The overall accuracy of the data was determined using international standard NBS SRM 981. Values for this standard achieved during the measurement period were 206Pb/204Pb = 16.9404 ±32,207Pb/204Pb = 15.4969 ±32, 208Pb/204Pb = 36.7149 ±90 (2sd; n=44). The data are separated into four parts one for each drill site that cored basement. Sites 1440B and 1441A both sampled a basalt type known as FAB (Forearc Basalts), whereas Sites 1439C and 1442A both sampled boninites (Mg-rich andesites). Both rock types are typical of the forearc setting and contain information needed to understand the process of subduction initiation. A summary of the Expedition, and hence the petrography and setting of the samples as well as the various scientific objectives for the project to which these analyses contribute) may be found in: Reagan, M.K., Pearce, J.A., and Petronotis, K., Expedition Scientists, 2015, Izu-Bonin-Mariana Fore Arc: Proceedings of the International Ocean Discovery Program, 352. International Ocean Discovery Program,