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  • The final borehole information pack from the TH0424 Ground Investigation Borehole drilled as part of the UK Geoenergy Observatories (UKGEOS) Cheshire facility. TH0424 was drilled to TD of 101 m between the 08-Nov-2021 and 30 Nov-2021. Drill core was collected from 2 m – 101 m with 100 mm diameter. This final data release pack from BGS contains composite and digital wireline logs alongside daily driller's borehole records, sedimentary and discontinuity logging and core analysis data. This information pack also contains the Initial and additional Core Scanning datasets from the BGS Core Scanning Facility ( and

  • Geochemical analysis of and Ar/Ar dating for volcanic samples from Aluto volcano, Ethiopia. Data are referenced in Hutchison et al., 2016c: The eruptive history and magmatic evolution of Aluto volcano: new insights into silicic peralkaline volcanism in the Ethiopian rift;