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  • Radiographic images of pyrope samples synthesised at pressures of 4-15 GPa, all collected at 2.5GPa and temperatures from 773 to 1573K. The samples are deformed sinusoidally at strains of up to 5 mimcrostrain and periods from 10s to 360s – 10 frames of images were collected per cycle for a total of 1000 frames. Data collected at NSLS X17B2 using the deformation-DIA press until its closure, thereafter collected at the replacement beamline at APS using the same press. These data are currently being prepared for publication. Similar images were collected on polycrystalline San Carlos Olivine samples either dry or wet to investigate the effect of water on grain boundary strength and the data are also archived here.

  • Samples of high-grade amphibolite-facies gneiss collected from north west Bhutan. Data comprises samples mineral chemistry data, U-Pb rutile data and garnet trace element compositions.