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  • Measurements of the shape and size of plagioclase and olivine grains in a suite of dolerite dykes and sills. The olivine data refer to the family of sills forming the Little Minch Sill Complex where exposed on the Isle of Skye, while the plagioclase work also includes a range of sills and dykes from all over the world. Measurments of dihedral angles at junctions between two grains of plagioclase and one of pyroxene, again in dolerites from dykes and sills, and also from the Rustenburg Suite of the Bushveld Layered Intrusion in South Africa.

  • Data on the average aspect ratio (length/width) and average length of plagioclase grains in dykes and sills, used to demonstrate that the solidification regime is a function of the orientation of tabular intrusions. The data are written up, with publication expected in Journal of Petrology.