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  • Global climate model runs from 1900-2100 produced by the Met Office for UK Climate Projections 2018 (UKCP18) using the HadGEM3 climate model. The data is available at daily and monthly temporal resolutions on a N216 Gaussian grid which has a 60km resolution over the UK.

  • European circulation indices calculated from the UKCP Global (60km) climate projections from 1900-2100 under RCP8.5 produced by the Met Office in 2018. These indices represent large scale circulation variability and they include: (i) the daily latitude and strength of the Atlantic Jet Stream; (ii) the daily ‘weather type’ (1-8 or 1-30) which is based on a classification scheme for the daily large scale synoptic situation; (iii) the average winter Atlantic pressure gradient between Iceland and Gibraltar representing the winter North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO). The indices are available for each member in the set of 28 global projections, which is a combination of 15 coupled model simulations produced by the Met Office Hadley Centre, and 13 coupled simulations from CMIP5 contributed by different climate modelling centres. The indices included are either daily or monthly. Although they are based on data from the global runs on an N216 (60km) grid, these indices have a single value per timestep and have no latitude-longitude dimension.