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  • Stored in Murchison House, this dataset (FAUNGRAPHLOG_ED) is the BGS UK (North) collection of paper graphic logs from boreholes and measured natural sections, particularly in the Carboniferous of Scotland and northern England. Some 18000 of these records include hand written macrofossil occurrences and assemblages from certain (often subsequently interpreted) stratigraphical levels in the borehole or section. There is at present no separate index (either analogue or digital) to FAUNGRAPHLOG_ED but a pathway to it is FOSSLOC, the index to the Survey Collection of fossils from UK (North).

  • Primary Geological Data resulting from Open Cast Coal exploration in British coalfield areas. Maps showing the site outlines of opencast coal prospecting sites annotated with site reference number. Sites date back to the 1940s. Outlines drawn on 1:25000 scale topographic bases. The majority of the collection was deposited with the National Geological Records Centre by the Coal Authority in July 2001.