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  • During the period 1967 to 1971 a team of geoscientists carried out a programme of regional geological mapping in parts of Peru and a low-density regional geochemical exploration survey of the Western Cordillera of northern Peru. The work was funded by the UK Overseas Development Administration (ODA - now the Department for International Development, DfID) in collaboration with the Servicio de Geologia y Mineria (SGM), Lima, Peru (now INGEMMET). The geochemical exploration project was managed by a BGS geologist/ geochemist and supported by counterpart staff from the SGM. Locational and analytical data, maps and interpretative unpublished reports were deposited at the SGM in Lima in 1971. The geochemical data are a long term asset and continued interest in the results, particularly in recent years, has required that the data be made more readily available in a digital format. Some 1345 sites were sampled and stream sediments were analysed for Cu, Pb, Zn, (Co), Ag, Mo, (As), and (V). Raw data can be obtained from INGEMMET, AV Canada, 1470, San Borja, Lima, PERU. The sample location data have been digitised from a sample site map, as the original field sample cards and the port-a-punch cards were not retrievable in 1998/99. The sample site map was a paper copy - so, although the UTM co-ordinates for locations are given to the nearest metre, the true location of the original sample sites may vary by as much as 500 m, or in some cases even more. GENP 1967-71 was a low-density regional exploration survey based on the collection of some 1260 samples at key sites within the 25,000 km2 project area - a density of approximately 1 sample per 20 km2. Data cleaned for absent and below detection limit values.

  • Corrected and smoothed and network adjusted ship gravity, magnetics and bathymetry data acquired by BGS as part of its Offshore Reconnaissance Mapping Programme. This programme was commenced in 1967, funded mainly by the Department of Energy.