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  • This dataset contains height, foliage height diversity, mean crown area, tree count, bedrock, elevation, age, aspect and slope data for woodlands under 1ha in size that were also covered by Defra’s LiDAR survey in the year 2011 in the Isle of Wight. These data were collected to see if the presence of an adjacent older neighbour affects woodland structure and height in recently created woodlands. Data was processed by the author under NERC Grant NE/S007458/1 PANORAMA - A Yorkshire partnership for training in environmental careers Full details about this dataset can be found at

  • The HiRES-1 project acquired airborne geophysical data during 1998. Coverage included the Central Midlands of England and into the associated Welsh Borderland. Survey flying for the collaborative BGS and World Geoscience Corporation Ltd (WGC) high resolution geophysical and environmental survey was completed in early September 1998. The data comprise multi-channel gamma ray spectrometer, magnetometer and dual frequency VLF-EM. Flight line spacing was 400 m with tie lines at 1200 m and the total area surveyed is some 14 000 km2. Flight-line orientations are W–E over the western survey area, SW–NE over the eastern area. Ground clearance was maintained at 90 m in rural areas, increasing to about 240 m in built-up zones. The project and data descriptions are provided in an internal BGS report: R J Peart, R J Cuss, D Beamish and D G Jones, 2003. The High Resolution Airborne Resource and Environmental Survey- Phase 1 (HiRES-1): background, data processing and dissemination and future prospects. British Geological Survey Internal Report, IR/03/112. 28pp.