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  • Apatite Fission Track (AFT) single grain count and horizontal confined track length data acquired from 6 sandstones samples from UKGEOS Glasgow borehole GGC01 drilled in the Dalmarnock area of Glasgow. The sandstones were retrieved from depths of 65, 98, 135, 150, 168 and 198 metres and were Westphalian in age coming from the Middle and Lower Scottish coal measures. Each sample has its BGS Subsample SSK number and an ascribed name in reference to its depth of collection with the added initials of the researcher i.e., 65 AH. The data is presented in 2 files one containing the AFT count data and the other containing the AFT length measurements. The AFT count data of each sample is found in excel file containing the spontaneous and induced track counts of a grain and accessory data of that grain e.g., the calculated age (calculated using the program Isoplotr) and calculated uranium concentration. The AFT length data of each sample comes in a separate excel file with the measured lengths and c-axis corrected lengths of HCTs of a sample, all Dpar measurements are also listed here. Samples and data are derived from the UK Geoenergy Observatories Programme funded by the UKRI Natural Environment Research Council and delivered by the British Geological Survey.