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  • Element maps from 5x 10 cm sections generated using the Zeiss Sigma HD Field Emission Gun Analytical SEM at Cardiff University. Maps come from sections within the early Miocene pelagic interval situated directly below the Nicobar Fan succession at IODP Site U1480 in the Eastern Equatorial Indian Ocean (for more information see published report, These specific sections were chosen to examine the depositional environments associated with transitions from red clays to white chalk, which demonstrate distinct banding at the micro and macro scale.

  • Data are either (1) depths and spacings between stylolites and faults within Unit IV, (2) images from IODP drill core image logs of the locations of samples observed, (3) photomicrographs and flatbed thin section scans of thin sections cut from samples, (4) SEM BSE or EDS data collected at Cardiff University. These data form the basis of: Leah et al. "Brittle-ductile strain localisation and weakening in pelagic sediments seaward of the Hikurangi margin, New Zealand", Tectonics, Submitted. Images and data from samples collected at IODP Expedition 375 Site U1520 (38°58.1532'S, 179°7.9112'E, 3522.1 mbsl). This is just seaward (east) of the trench of the Hikurangi Margin, New Zealand.