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  • This document data set contains paper copies of many of the seismic reflection survey sections from the original seismic sections data set (ORIGSEISECS) . These have been made for interpretation. Most data are within the UK onshore area; although there are some UK near-shore and offshore (North Sea, Irish Sea) and foreign data. Most data were acquired for commercial hydrocarbon exploration and subsequently provided to BGS for use on specific projects. Some data were acquired by BGS and other public-sector bodies, e.g. BIRPS (British Institutes Reflection Profiling Syndicate ), for academic research. The documents are dyeline prints or plain-paper photocopies. They are stored folded in boxes, approx 40 sections per box, approx 530 boxes. There are a lot of duplicates, there being an interpreted and uninterpreted copy of many profiles. Mostly concentrated in areas prospective for coal, oil and gas.