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  • This dataset relates to the scientific journal article "A pilot-scale study of dynamic response scenarios for the flexible operation of post-combustion CO2 capture" (Tait et al. 2016), a study which was funded as part of the call 2 project "Towards more flexible generation with CCS". Pilot plant data from five dynamic scenarios for post-combustion capture on a state-of the-art NGCC plant (circa 2015) are included. The output from a novel solvent sensor, which can provide continuous online measurement of solvent CO2 loading is also included for several scenarios. The article can be found at: More information on the project is available at

  • UKCCSRC Call 2 Project C2-214 . The dataset consists of six excel spreadsheets containing data from six dynamic operating scenarios for post-combustion CO2 capture on coal, implemented at the UKCCSRC’s PACT amine pilot facility. Critical plant parameters including flowrates, temperatures, pressure, solvent composition and CO2 capture rate are recorded. Additional steady-state baseload data and information regarding plant dimensions are provided in a separate word document. The dataset was generated as part of a pilot-scale test campaign which aimed to investigate the effect of differences in plant construction on response to dynamic operations, and to provide a proof-of-concept for the control of plant parameters using continuous, online solvent measurements. They may be of use to those interested in the dynamic modelling of post-combustion CO2 capture, for the purpose of model validation. A collaborative research paper with researchers from Imperial College London is planned.