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  • List of mines and quarries in the UK including information about operational status, products, lithostratigraphy, chronostratigraphy, pit and operator addresses, minerals planning authority. Digital data has been sold from the BritPits database, since 1994, this has been customised to suit purchasers. Use is also made of sets of operational workings data by Bureau Services who pay royalties and get updates. Older data on operators tends to be incomplete as it was not recorded. Updating is ongoing to update litho- and chronostrat data. Originally, only details of currently active sites were included in the database but, because of the importance of former workings for waste disposal and as Sites of Special Scientific Interest, information is now collected on both inactive and closed operations. The data is held in a relational database using an Oracle server and a Microsoft Access front-end. The database can be used for many purposes: mailing lists, route planning, market intelligence/analysis, and resource planning, and data has been supplied to a wide range of customers.