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  • [This dataset is embargoed until January 2, 2025]. This dataset contains includes measurements of trees and lianas stem diameters and status (e.g. alive, dead), and lightning strike data for forest areas within the Ngel Nyaki Forest, collected between June 2018 and July 2021. We investigated tree mortality driven by lightning strikes in a 40-ha area at the Ngel Nyaki Forest Dynamic Plot, located in south-eastern Nigeria. Ngel Nyaki is a submontane forest with an elevation range of 1,588–1,690m and is part of the Smithsonian's Forest Global Earth Observatory (ForestGEO) network. In every census, we measured and tagged all trees and lianas that have a stem diameter at 1.3 m (or above buttresses) of ≥25 cm and notes were taken about the tree's living status (e.g., broken, hollow) or the trees death mode (e.g., uprooted, standing). Full details about this dataset can be found at

  • The dataset contains annual global plant respiration (and related diagnostics, such as Net Primary Productivity, Gross Primary Productivity and soil respiration), applicable for pre-industrial times (taken as year 1860) through to the end of the 21st Century (year 2100). The spatial resolution of the data is 2.5 degrees latitude x 3.75 degrees longitude. These diagnostics are outputs from the Joint UK Land Environment Simulator (JULES land surface model) under four different approaches to calcluate leaf respiration. Each of four sets contains a total of 34 runs, each driven by a different CMIP5 model climate pattern, using the Integrated Model Of Global Effects of climatic aNomalies (IMOGEN) system. These are for a "business-as-usual" approach to fossil fuel usage, as the Representative Concentration Pathway scenario RCP8.5. These simulations form the basis for new research paper by Huntingford et al (2017, under review). Full details about this dataset can be found at