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  • Primary forest cover and forest cover loss in Wallacea for the years 2000-2018 to train a deforestation model and produce maps of projected probability of deforestation until 2053. Full details about this dataset can be found at

  • Bird community data from fixed point count stations generated by experienced ornithologists in Borneo and the Wallacean islands of Sulawesi (Buton), Seram, Buru, Talaud and Sangihe. Bird surveys were undertaken between 2016 and 2020, with work on any given island lasting ~3 months, except for Borneo where surveys were undertaken across 3 years (2014 – 2016). Surveys were repeated four times at each site on Sulawesi (Buton), Seram, Buru and once each on Talaud and Sangihe. The dataset comprises the aggregated counts from multiple surveys of the same point count sites, and assigned to individual bird species, landscape and island. Full details about this dataset can be found at

  • Datasets consist of monitoring data on ecosystem properties (17 variables) and biodiversity (21 variables), collected between 2003 and 2019 from the tropical peatland of the Natural Laboratory of Peat-swamp Forest special research zone in Sebangau National Park, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. The dataset includes 23 data files. These data files represent results from comparisons of ecosystem property and biodiversity variables over space between new burn, old burn and unburned forest conditions, including: (a) effect sizes resulting from a hierarchical mixed effects meta-analysis; and (b) proportional changes resulting from a generalized linear mixed-effects model. They also include datasets relating to variability ecosystem property and biodiversity variables over time in relation to fire incidence within the wider landscape, including (c) time-series data for ecosystem properties aggregated by site and season, and occupancy detection matrices biodiversity for biodiversity variables; and (d) species richness and abundance estimates aggregated at the site level. Full details about this dataset can be found at