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  • This dataset contains monthly gridded ice velocity maps of the Antarctic Ice Sheet derived from Sentin el-1 data acquired between 2017-01-01 and 2020-08-31. It was generated by ENVEO, as part of the ESA Antarctic Ice Sheet Climate Change Initiative project (Antarctic_Ice_Sheet_cci). The surface velocity is derived by applying feature tracking techniques using Sentinel-1 synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data acquired in the Interferometric Wide (IW) swath mode. Ice velocity is provided at 200m grid spacing in Polar Stereographic projection (EPSG: 3031). The horizontal velocity components are provided in true meters per day, towards easting and northing direction of the grid. The vertical displacement is derived from a digital elevation model. Provided is a NetCDF file with the velocity components: vx, vy, vz, along with maps showing the magnitude of the horizontal components, the valid pixel count and uncertainty. The product combines all ice velocity maps, based on 6- and 12-day repeats, acquired within a single month in a monthly averaged product.