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  • This marine multibeam, geophysical and sampling survey took place from 16/07/14 - 25/08/14 in the area of the Irish Sea East, Irish Sea West, Galaway Bay, Donegal Bay and Malin Sea on board the RRS James Cook. The survey was carried out by scientists from the BRITICE CHRONO Consortium (PI Colm O'Cofaigh) and sediment coring was carried out by the British Geological Survey (BGS) on behalf of the BRITICE CHRONO Consortium. BRITICE CHRONO is funded and supported by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) as a consortium project. The aim of the survey was a large vibrocoring effort to constrain the timing and retreat dynamics of the British Irish Ice Sheet. Sea floor bathymetry data were collected using a EM120 and EM710 multibeam system. Sub bottom seismic profiling data were collected using an SBP120 sub-bottom profiler. Seabed samples were collected using the 6 m BGS vibrocorer and 12 m NOC Piston corer. These data are archived by BGS, Durham University and Bangor University. Data are restricted to project partners for a 5 year moratorium period. Technical details of the survey are contained in the Cruise Report.