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  • The AAST L3S Combined Surface Temperature (CST) products here primarily provide data on surface temperatures in the Arctic, across all Arctic surfaces, and their associated uncertainties. This dataset consists of CSTs with uncertainty estimates produced from the ATSR-2 and AATSR instruments on ESA's ERS-2 and Enivsat satellite respectively. The CSTs in this dataset are surface temperatures across ocean, snow/ice and land surfaces in the Arctic region, where the Arctic is defined as the area at, or north of, 60°N. Please note, the data here provide daily temperature data, not daily mean data as indicated by the dataset title. For more information see the paper linked under the details tab The data were produced for ATSR Satellite Dataset project, which was funded by The UK Dept. for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy. Ice (and snow) Surface Temperatures (ISTs) and Land Surface Temperatures (LSTs) used to produce this dataset are sourced from the GlobTemperature Level 2 LST V2.1 product. Sea Surface Temperature (SSTs) are from the ATSR SST L2P V3.0 product. This version of the CST dataset is v2.1, with an earlier version previously provided via the GlobTemperature data portal. ATSR data was sourced from the GlobTemperature data portal and the CEDA archive. It consists of a complete set of CST and accompanying auxiliary (AUX) datafiles for the ATSR-2 and AATSR instruments separately. ATSR-2 data are available for 01/08/1995 - 22/06/2003 while AATSR data are available for 20/05/2002 – 08/04/2012.

  • In Autumn 1995, the Goddard Distributed Active Archive Center (GDAAC) compiled the Climatology Interdisciplinary Data Collection (CIDC) to facilitate interdisciplinary studies related to climate and global change. This data collection has been produced in collaboration with the Center for Earth Observing and Space Research (CEOSR), Institute for Computational Sciences and Informatics (CSI), and George Mason University. It was designed for the study of global change, seasonal to interannual climate change, and other phenomena that require from one to dozens of interacting parameters. This dataset contains biosphere, hydrology, surface temperature, ozone, greenhouse gases measurements.