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  • These are light level and activity data collected from BAS geolocators that were deployed on 4 Leopard Seals hauled out on Bird Island, South Georgia. Tags were deployed between May 2003 and June 2013. One seal Y5282(B4942) was tracked during two non-consecutive years using two different identification flipper tags. There are three data types for each seal a) the unprocessed light sensor data b) the unprocessed activity (wet/dry) data and c) The estimated positions estimated using the BAStag and SGAT packages in R. All files are in the CSV format and each folder has a readme.txt file describing the data structure of the files within. The data are reported in detail in Staniland et al. 2018 ''Long Term Movements and Activity Patterns of an Antarctic Marine Apex Predator: The Leopard Seal'' PLOSone