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  • This dataset is the most complete digitised magnetic records (as of Nov 2023) of the ten-day period from 25th August to 5th September 1859 encompassing the Carrington storm and its lesser recognised precursor on the 28th August. Based on digital images of the magnetograms from the BGS online archive collection and information from the observatory yearbooks and scientific papers, it is possible to scale the measurements to SI units (degrees of angle and nanoTesla) and extract quasi-minute cadence spot values. The contents of the zip file are various data in ASCII text files plus a readme and example code for plotting the data file; • README.txt - small text file • - example code in Python3.7 to create plots • bartels : folder containing digitised KEW data from Bartels (1937) paper • hdz : folder containing extracted KEW and GRW data in single files with time, Horizontal (H), Declination (D) and Vertical (Z) magnetic field components • IAGA2002 : folder with KEW and GRW data in IAGA-2002 formatted files with standard headers • spot_values : GRW spot values taken from the 1859 yearbook tables in csv and txt files