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  • The BGS Offshore Bedrock 250k dataset is vector data which reflects the offshore bedrock geological of the UK and some of its adjacent waters at 1:250,000 scale. This comprehensive product provides a digital compilation of the paper maps published by BGS at the same scale, as well as, additional re-interpretations from regional geological studies. The composition, age and deformational history of the rocks underlying the seabed (bedrock) are important for a range of stakeholders, including marine spatial planners and offshore developers. The dataset is arranged in two GIS layers: Bedrock Lithostratigraphy and Bedrock Structural Geology. The polygons within the Bedrock Lithostratigraphy layer show the spatial distribution of the principal lithostratigraphical units (formations and groups). The lines within the Structural Geology layer show the location and extent of known structural features such as faults and folds. This broadscale dataset was derived from geophysical data (e.g. airgun, boomer, sparker, sidescan sonar, magnetometer, gravity meter) and data obtained from commercial wells and BGS shallow boreholes. The variations in data density will be reflected in the detail of the mapping.