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  • This dataset contains ice velocity time series of then Jakobshavn glacier in Greenland, derived from intensity-tracking of COSMO-SkyMed data acquired between 2/6/2012 and 25/12/2014. The ice velocity data is derived using 4-day COSMO-SkyMed offset-tracking pairs. It has been produced as part of the ESA Greenland Ice sheet CCI project. The data are provided on a polar stereographic grid (EPSG3413: Latitude of true scale 70N, Reference Longitude 45E) with 250m grid spacing. Image pairs with a repeat cycle of 4 days have been used. The horizontal velocity is provided in true meters per day, towards EASTING(x) and NORTHING(y) direction of the grid, and the vertical displacement (z), derived from a digital elevation model, is also provided. The product was generated by DTU Space. For further details, please consult the document: T. Nagler, et al., Product User Guide (PUG) for the Greenland_Ice_Sheet_cci project of ESA's Climate Change Initiative, version 2.0.