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  • This dataset provides gridded Gravimetric Mass Balance data for the Antarctic Ice Sheet. It has been produced in the framework of the Antarctic Ice Sheets Climate Change Initiative (CCI) project, under the lead of TU Dresden. The ice sheet mass balance, i.e. the change in ice mass over time, is determined using the US-German satellite gravimetry mission GRACE (Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment). The Antarctic Ice Sheet CCI GMB products are based on the monthly GRACE solutions ITSG-Grace2016 by Technische Universität Graz, and comprises a time series of mass change grids covering the entire ice sheet (GMB Gridded product), along side mass change time series for different drainage basins (GMB Basin Product). The dataset described here covers version 1.1 of the Gridded product. Time series of gridded mass changes are provided in a polar-stereographic projection (EPSG:3031) with a grid resolution of 50 km x 50 km. The gridded changes are given in millimetre of equivalent water height (mm w.eq., or kg/m2). If publishing results based on this dataset, please cite the following: Groh, A., & Horwath, M. (2016). The method of tailored sensitivity kernels for GRACE mass change estimates. Geophysical Research Abstracts, 18, EGU2016-12065 Interactive data visualisation is available at: