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  • This dataset contains the fractional contributions of three phytoplankton size classes (micro-, nano- and picoplankton) in monthly averages over the globe for the period 1997-2007, as produced by the Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML) using SeaWIFs data (The dataset was produced by the Plymouth Marine Laboratory by applying the algorithm of Brewin et al. (2010) directly to monthly SeaWiFS Level 3 composites of chlorophyll on a pixel-by-pixel basis.). A 10 year monthly climatology is also available as a separate dataset. Accompanying maps are available. This dataset was produced as part of the National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO) Theme 2 programme (Monitoring, Diagnosis and Prediction of the Global Carbon-Cycle), Quantification of ocean biogeochemistry and carbon fluxes sub-theme 6 (ST6).

  • Data were collected by the Chilbolton Facility for Atmospheric and Radio Research (CFARR) Direct Visible Radiometer from 27th Februrary 2013 to the present at Chilbolton, Hampshire. The dataset contains measurements of high accuracy direct solar radiation measurement research on a plane/level surface.