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  • Surface meteorological data are measured by a number of instruments deployed at the Natural Environment Research Council's (NERC) Mesosphere-Stratosphere-Troposphere (MST) Radar Facility, Capel Dewi, near Aberystwyth in West Wales. This dataset consists of data collected by the following suite instruments connected to a Campbell Scientific CR10 Climate Data Logger: Campbell Scientific 107 thermistor temperature probe mounted inside an URS1 unaspirated radiation shield. Accuracy: +/- 0.4 degrees C. Vaisala PTB101B barometric pressure sensor. Accuracy: +/- 2.0 hPa. Vaisala HMP45C temperature and relative humidity probe (from which only the humidity measurements are used) mounted inside an URS1 un-aspirated radiation shield. Accuracy: +/- 0.3%. Environmental Measurements ARG100 tipping bucket raingauge. Kipp and Zonen CM3 thermopile pyranometer (WMO second class). Accuracy: +/- 0.5%. The raingauge is located on the ground. All other sensors are mounted on a post approximately 1 m above the ground. The data logger initially samples the atmospheric temperature, pressure and humidity sensors at 5 s intervals. Mean values are calculated over each 60 s and the outputs from the logger represent minima, means and maxima of these 60 s means over each 10 minute sample period. The data logger is connected to a tipping bucket raingauge (sampled every 1 s, and recording tips for each 0.20 mm accumulation of rain); pyranometer (sampled every every 5 s, recording the down-welling radiation within a hemispheric field of view with a flat response in the spectral range 305 - 2800 nm); The data are available in NASA-Ames formatted files. Independent surface meteorological data are also available from the Vaisala WXT510 instrument also located at the site and are available in the wxt510-precipitation and PTU datasets.