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  • This dataset contains plant trait measurements for nine plant functional traits (specific leaf area, vegetative height, reproductive height, seed mass, leaf dry matter content, wood density, leaf area, leaf fresh mass, leaf dry mass) collected in situ from tundra plant communities at three sites in the Yukon Territory, Canada. The three sites (Kluane Platueau (60.96 degN, 138.41 degW), Pika Camp (61.22 degN, 138.28 degW), Qikiqtaruk-Herschel Island (69.57 degN, 138.90 degW)) were visited annually from 2014-2017. Funding was provided by the NERC grant NE/M016323/1.

  • This database contains information on the herbarium specimens held in the herbarium of the British Antarctic Survey (international code AAS) as well as information about specimens collected in the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic and held in other world herbaria. There are over 70 000 records, predominantly of mosses and lichens, but also of vascular plants, ferns, fungi and algae collected in Antarctic and sub-Antarctic regions as well as some from surrounding continents, particularly South America. The collection from South Georgia And The South Sandwich Islands started in 1775 and from Antarctica in 1834. Documents relating to the Herbarium are kept in the BAS Archives (LS2/4). The records can be searched and downloaded on: There is also a facility to see a distribution map of specimens retrieved by querying the database.