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  • The Chilbolton Facility for Atmopsheric and Radio Research's aerosol particle concentration measurements are provided by a 164DM environmental dust monitor manufactured by Grimm Aerosol Technik. A Lufft WS500 weather station is incorporated into the instrument to provide co-located meteorological measurements. Alternatively, particle mass concentrations can be produced as PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 measurements. The instrument measures the size and number density of aerosol molecules by using a 0.5m vertical inlet to suck ambient air into a measurement chamber. The scattering of a laser beam transmitted through the chamber is used to deduce size and concentration information. It is operated continuously on the roof of a cabin at a height of 8m above ground at the Chilbolton Observatory site. Measurements are taken every 60s, providinga erosol particle concentration (counts/m3) in 31 size bins in the range 0.265-34.0 um, air temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, wind speed and wind direction. The instrument is calibrated every 18 months by the manufacturer

  • The ACES (Aerosol Coupling in the Earth System) project was an integrated research programme that aims to reduce uncertainties in our fundamental understanding of the formation of BSOA (Biogenic Secondary Organic Aerosol) and the subsequent impact on atmospheric composition, through coordinated chamber studies, field studies, process model development, and application of atmospheric models of chemistry and transport to assess coupling and feedbacks in the Earth system. The dataset contains measurements of concentrations of aerosols between 50nm and 2nm, using a TSI Condesation Particle Counter model 3025A, near ground level below the rainforest canopy at the nursery site. These data were collected from the 9th to 23rd of July 2008 by the University of Manchester condensation particle counter based at the forest in-canopy site located at the FACE (Forests Absorbing CO2 Emissions) nursery at the Sabahmas Estate oil plantation in Malaysia.

  • Data were collected on the 27th of November 2008 and on the 6th of January 2009 by the University of Manchester scanning mobility particle sizer at the Chilbolton site in support of the FAAM Campaign in the South-West of England. The dataset contains measurements of concentrations of aerosols of specific sizes. The data were collected for use in the ICE project, which is one of multiple projects within the APPRAISE (Aerosol Properties, PRocesses And Influences on the Earth's climate) programme.