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  • Os isotopes, highly siderophile element abundance measurements, lithophile trace element data, major element data, electron microprobe and LA-ICP-MS mineral chemistry of Cr-spinel and sulphide - all data for a suite of peridotites from the Shetland Ophiolite Complex, and published in O'Driscoll, B., Walker, R.J., Clay, P.L., Day, J.M.D., Ash, R.A. and Daly, J.S. 2018. Length-scales of chemical and isotopic heterogeneity in the mantle section of the Shetland Ophiolite Complex, Scotland. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 488, 144-154 All samples come from a locality called The Viels, sampled within a 45 m2 area, on the island of Unst, Shetland Archipelago (UK) at HP64438 11060 (British National Grid)