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  • Age-depth models for Pb-210 datasets. The St Croix Watershed Research Station, of the Science Museum of Minnesota, kindly made available 210Pb datasets that have been measured in their lab over the past decades. The datasets come mostly from North American lakes. These datasets were used to produce both chronologies using the 'classical' CRS (Constant Rate of Supply) approach and also using a recently developed Bayesian alternative called 'Plum'. Both approaches were used in order to compare the two approaches. The 210Pb data will also be deposited in the database. The dataset consists of 3 files; 1. Rcode_Pb210.R R code to process the data files, produce age-depth models and compare them. 2. Output of age-model runs of the St Croix datasets 3. Excel files of the St Croix Pb-210 datasets