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  • The ESA Ocean Colour CCI project has produced global level 3 binned multi-sensor time-series of satellite ocean-colour data with a particular focus for use in climate studies. This dataset contains the Version 1.0 Remote Sensing Reflectance product on a geographic projection at approximately 4 km spatial resolution and at a daily time resolution. Values for remote sensing reflectance at the sea surface are provided for the standard SeaWiFS wavelengths (412, 443, 490, 510, 555, 670nm) with pixel-by-pixel uncertainty estimates for each wavelength. These are merged products based on SeaWiFS, MERIS and Aqua-MODIS data. Note, this dataset is also contained within the 'All Products' dataset. This data product is on a geographic grid projection, which is a direct conversion of latitude and longitude coordinates to a rectangular grid, typically a fixed multiplier of 360x180. The netCDF files follow the CF convention for this projection with a resolution of 8640x4320. (A separate dataset is also available for data on a sinusoidal projection).