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  • The Netatmo V1 dataset contains observations from all Public Weather Stations (PWS) contributing to the Netatmo database within Europe. Netatmo is a company that designs and manufactures a range of smart weather station instruments for the home. The dataset is for a single year (2020), made available for use within the EUMETNET Sandbox project. EUMETNET (a grouping of 31 European National Meteorological Services) instigated the EUMETNET Sandbox project to bring novel observations and observations from technology trials and field campaigns to the research community to enable R&D activities. The data are not quality controlled and are presented in the format provided by Netatmo. The data are provided in a single file per month per country*. The data were extracted from the Netatmo database country by country. The meteorological values are unchanged from those extracted from the Netatmo archive. For example, there is no Quality Control of the data, no calibration of the instruments and no unit conversions have been applied. The data were extracted from the Netatmo database by Netatmo operators of the Netatmo system. The data have not been manipulated to meet any international data format standards. For each station there is always a metadata file 'n'.metadata.json. There are up to 4 data files associated with each station represented by a metadata file. In some cases, all 4 data files are present for the station. In other cases, only one data file is present. The 'n' in the file name allows the metadata file to be associated with the meteorological data files 1. n.pressure.historic.csv - surface pressure for station n 2. n.outdoor.historic.csv - Contains air temperature and humidity for station n 3. n.wind.historic.csv - Contains wind and gust data for station n 4. n.rain.historic.csv - rainfall data for station n The data files are semi-colon separated and use UNIX epoch time *Countries present in the Netatmo dataset Austria, Spain, Iceland, Norway, Belgium, Finland, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Portugal, Cyprus, United Kingdom, Latvia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Greece, Montenegro, Sweden, Germany, Croatia, North Macedonia, Slovenia, Denmark, Hungary, Malta, Slovakia, Estonia, Ireland and the Netherlands