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  • AVHRR-3 scans the Earth's surface in six spectral bands in the range of 0.58-12.5 microns, to provide day and night imaging of land, water and clouds and measurements of sea surface temperature, ice snow and vegetation cover. The instruments were provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and is flown on the EPS-METOP series of satellites This dataset contains data from the Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer-3 (AVHRR-3) on board the Eumetsat Polar System (EPS) MetOp-A satellite.

  • This dataset contains level 2 data products from the Infrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer (IASI) instrument on board the Eumetsat EPS Metop-A satellite. IASI was designed to measure the infrared spectrum emitted by the earth. IASI provides infrared soundings of the temperature profiles in the troposphere and lower stratosphere, moisture profiles in the troposphere, as well as some of the chemical components playing a key role in the climate monitoring, global change and atmospheric chemistry.