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  • This dataset contains radiocarbon dating of pieces of macrocharcoal (~ ≥ 1 mm) collected from soil in Guyana, Peru and Brazil in plots located in the Amazon forest. All the sites are terra-firme, non-seasonally flooded and are part of the RAINFOR network. In total, 60 pieces of macrocharcoal were dated. The Amazon Forest Inventory Network is a long-term, international collaboration to understand the dynamics of Amazon ecosystems. Since 2000 they have developed a framework for systematic monitoring of forests from the ground-up, centred on plots that track the fate of trees and species, and includes soil and plant biogeochemical records, as well as intensive monitoring of carbon cycle processes at some sites. RAINFOR works with partners across the nations of Amazonia to support and sustain forest monitoring and help develop new generations of Amazon ecologists. The work of RAINFOR is currently supported by funding agencies in Brazil, the UK, and the EU. Full details about this dataset can be found at