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  • The UK Climate Impacts Programme 2002 (UKCIP02) comprises a set of four scenarios of future climate change produced for assessing climate change vulnerability, impacts and adaptation in the UK based on the understanding of the science of climate change in 2002. Data are provided at two resolutions 50km and 5km. The 5km resolution data are provided in both a gridded and time-series format. The four alternative future climates for the UK are labelled respectively, Low Emissions, Medium-Low Emissions, Medium-High Emissions and High Emissions. No probabilities can be attached to these four climate futures – in line with the IPCC, UKCIP02 do not suggest that one is more likely than another. While they represent a wide range of possible future climates, the UKCIP02 scenarios do not capture the entire range of future possibilities. The scenarios are designed to be used in conjunction with other UKCIP reports and products.