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  • Sentinel 5P total column ozone products contain total ozone, ozone temperature, and error information including averaging kernels. These data products are provided in a 7km x 3.5km resolution. Ozone (O3) is of crucial importance for the equilibrium of the Earth's atmosphere. In the stratosphere, the ozone layer shields the biosphere from dangerous solar ultraviolet radiation. In the troposphere, it acts as an efficient cleansing agent, but at high concentrations, it also becomes harmful to the health of humans, animals, and vegetation. Ozone is also an important greenhouse-gas contributor to ongoing climate change. Since the discovery of the Antarctic ozone hole in the 1980s and the subsequent Montreal Protocol regulating the production of chlorine-containing ozone-depleting substances, ozone has been routinely monitored from the ground and from space. For TROPOMI/S5P, there are two algorithms that will deliver total ozone: GDP for the near real-time and GODFIT for the offline products. GDP is currently being used for generating the operational total ozone products from GOME, SCIAMACHY and GOME-2; while GODFIT is being used in the ESA CCI and the Copernicus C3S projects.