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  • This dataset includes the MPI-ESM-LR model output prepared for SPECS decadal (1901-2015). These data were prepared by the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology (MPI-M), as part of the SPECS project. Model id is MPI-ESM-LR (MPI-ESM-LR 2015; atmosphere: ECHAM6 v6.3.01p2 (REV: 3904), T63L47; land: JSBACH (REV: 3904); ocean: MPIOM v1.6.1p1 (REV: 3753) marine biogeochemistry HAMOCC included, GR15L40; sea ice (REV: 3753). Frequency is daily and monthly. Daily Atmospheric variables are: clt hfls hfss pr prc psl rlds rlut rsds tas tasmin tasmax uas vas zg Daily land variables are: mrso Monthly atmos variables: clt hfls hfss hus pr prsn psl rlds rlut rsds rsdt rsut ta tas tasmax tasmin tauu tauv ua uas vas va zg Monthly ocean variables: mlotst so thetao tos uo vo zos Monthly land variables: mrro mrso Monthly sea ice variables: sit