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  • The DMC constellation of small satellites provided several images to support the 2006 Network for Calibration and Validation of EO data (NCAVEO) 2006 Field Experiment. DMC is a unique sensor because of its combination of wide swath and high spatial resolution. The data was acquired from UK-DMC at 09:42:53 GMT on the 17th June and consists of three multispectral bands (green, red, near infra-red) with a nominal ground resolution of 32 m. The study area forms a very small part of the whole DMC image, which has a swath width of over 640 km. Other DMC data were obtained from satellites in the constellation operated by Algeria and Nigeria. The NigeriaSat-1 and UKDMC images were taken around the time of the campaign and the AlSAT image a month later. These files have not been geometrically referenced and vary in quality and amount of cloud cover.