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  • As part of the ESA Land Cover Climate Change Initiative (CCI) project a static map of open water bodies at 150 m spatial resolution at the equator has been produced. The CCI WB v4.0 is composed of two layers: 1. A static map of open water bodies at 150 m spatial resolution resulting from a compilation and editions of land/water classifications: the Envisat ASAR water bodies indicator, a sub-dataset from the Global Forest Change 2000 - 2012 and the Global Inland Water product. This product is delivered at 150 m as a stand-alone product but it is consistent with class "Water Bodies" of the annual MRLC (Medium Resolution Land Cover) Maps. The product was resampled to 300 m using an average algorithm. Legend : 1-Land, 2-Water 2. A static map with the distinction between ocean and inland water is now available at 150 m spatial resolution. It is fully consistent with the CCI WB-Map v4.0. Legend: 0-Ocean, 1-Land. To cite the CCI WB-Map v4.0, please refer to : Lamarche, C.; Santoro, M.; Bontemps, S.; D’Andrimont, R.; Radoux, J.; Giustarini, L.; Brockmann, C.; Wevers, J.; Defourny, P.; Arino, O. Compilation and Validation of SAR and Optical Data Products for a Complete and Global Map of Inland/Ocean Water Tailored to the Climate Modeling Community. Remote Sens. 2017, 9, 36.