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  • The University of Salford automatic weather station data describe observations made every 5 seconds with the data stored every one minute and 10 minutes at Faccombe wind turbine field site, Hampshire, form the 3rd of June 2005 until the 26th of August 2005.. The dataset contains measurements of the following parameters: Average air temperature Average dew point (measured from 11:54 BST 22nd June 2005) Average relative humidity Average net radiation Average wind speed Maximum wind speed Time of maximum wind speed Total rainfall Average pressure Average wind direction Minimum wind direction Maximum wind direction Average battery Two jpeg images files have been produced from the AWS data for each day from 3rd June 2005 (start of CSIP field project) until 26th August 2005 (end of CSIP field project). There are two image files, the first image file listed below contains plots of the windspeed, pressure and rainfall with time for a particular day. The second image file contains air temperature, relative humidity and net radiation plots with time for a particular day. The weather station consists of a Campbell Scientific 2 m tripod with a CR10X datalogger. Weather station sensors include a MP100A temperature and relative humidity probe, a A100L2 low power anemometer, a W200P potentiometer wind vane, a NR-Lite Net Radiometer, a RPT410F barometric pressure sensor and a ARG100 Tipping bucket rain gauge.