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  • This dataset contains output from a hydrodynamic model of the ocean in the Larsen C Ice Shelf (LCIS) cavity and a nearby area of the western Wedell Sea. Simulations were run using the MITgcm numerical ocean model and included an ice shelf with steady thickness. A new LCIS bathymetry was used in the simulations, referred to as the ''Brisbourne'' bathymetry. The data provided here includes these geometry grids and ocean velocity and basal melt rate fields output from the final year of an arbitrary 10-year simulation, or a 6-month extension run. Calculated marine ice fields beneath the ice shelf based on the simulation''s melt rate results are also included. In addition, output from several simulations using different initial and boundary ocean temperature conditions and runs with different cavity geometries are also provided. This work was supported by the Natural Environment Research Council and the EnvEast Doctoral Training Partnership [grant number NE/L002582/1] and PICCOLO [grant number NE/P021395/1].