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  • Skin Sea Surface Temperature data from the (A)ATSR Validation Campaign by ISAR. The prime objective of the (A)ATSR mission is to return accurate measurements of the global sea surface temperature. To ensure the accuracy of the measurement, there have been joint efforts to validate the data. One of these efforts is the (A)ATSR Validation Campaign which involves the deployment of the the Infrared Sea surface temperature Autonomous Radiometer (ISAR). The ISAR is designed to measure accurate and reliable skin sea surface temperature, with automated system of data collection, and its own protection from severe weathers. Data come from the ISAR mounted on cruiseferries MV Pride of Bilbao (2004-2010) and MV Cap Finistere (2010-2012) and were collected continuously throughout the cruises unless severe weather conditions required the instrument to be protected, which results in the prevention of the data collection.