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  • This dataset collection contains in situ atmospheric and aerosol measurements collected at Summit Station, Greenland. These data were collected as part of the joint Natural Environmental Research Council (NERC) and US National Science Foundation (NSF) -funded Integrated Characterisation of Energy, Clouds, Atmospheric state, and Precipitation at Summit - Aerosol Cloud Experiment (ICECAPS-ACE) project. Since 2010, the ICECAPS project has been monitoring cloud-atmosphere-energy interactions at Summit Station, in the centre of the Greenland Ice Sheet (GrIS), using a comprehensive suite of ground-based remote sensing instruments and twice daily radiosonde profiles. In 2018, the Aerosol Cloud Experiment (ACE) expansion of ICECAPS saw the addition of a new series of instruments to measure surface aerosol concentrations and turbulent heat fluxes over the ice sheet. Combined with the original ICECAPS instrumentation, the ACE instruments allow for the study of cloud-aerosol-energy interactions over the central GrIS. This dataset collection contains the measurements collected as part of the ACE component of ICECAPS-ACE, which includes the following: 1) Surface-temperature-profile: A near surface temperature profile from four temperature/ humidity sensors distributed on the 15 m tower at Summit. 2) Surface-moisture-profile: A near surface moisture profile from four temperature/ humidity sensors distributed on the 15 m tower at Summit. 3) Surface-winds-profile: A near surface wind profile from four sonic anemometers distributed on the 15 m tower at Summit. 4) Snow-height: The distance to the snow surface from the lowest level of instruments on the 15 m tower at Summit, detected by a sonic-ranging sensor. 5) Skin-temperature: The brightness temperature of the snow surface as detected by an infrared radiation thermometer. 6) Aerosol-concentration: The concentration of condensation nuclei (> 5nm diameter) measured at the surface using a Condensation Particle Counter. 7) Aerosol-size-distribution: The size-resolved concentration of surface aerosol particles between 0.25 and 6.5 um in diameter measured using an Optical Particle Counter. 8) Flux-components: High resolution temperature, humidity and wind fluctuations that can be used to estimate turbulent fluxes using eddy covariance, located at two levels on the 15 m tower at Summit. 9) Flux-estimates: Estimates of turbulent heat and momentum fluxes by applying the eddy covariance technique to flux-components. Other ICECAPS data are available here: