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  • British Antarctic Survey ozone data consist of observations made at the following stations: Halley, Antarctica, from 1956; Faraday, Antarctica, from 1964 (Faraday/Vernadsky from 1996); King Edward Point, South Georgia, from 1971 (until 1982); Rothera, Antarctica, from 1996. Observations at all stations are recorded in UTC. All observations at Halley and Vernadsky are made with the Dobson ozone spectrophotometer and are seasonal (Apr to Aug). Datasets include daily mean and monthly ozone values. Observations for ozone and nitrogen dioxide are made at Rothera using the SAOZ instrument, which can make observations throughout the year. There is also a Bentham spectro-radiometer at Rothera, which can be used to compute ozone levels. Full metadata on collection, instrumentation and calibration are available on the BAS ozone webpages.