The CRU TS 3.00 data (i.e. climate variables) are available in both compressed (.gz extension) ASCII ".dat" and netcdf ".nc" file formats. CRU TS 3.00 metadata files (i.e. stations) are available in ASCII. To understand how to read the CRU TS 3.00 data and metadata files, please refer to the CRU_TS_3.00_File_Formats_explained PDF documentation (under Linked Documentation below).

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  • The gridded CRU TS (time-series) 3.00 data are month-by-month variations in climate over the period 1901-2006, on high-resolution (0.5x0.5 degree) grids, produced by the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia. The CRU TS 3.00 variables include cloud cover, diurnal temperature range, frost day frequency, precipitation, daily mean temperature, monthly average daily maximum/min temperature, vapour pressure and wet day frequency. The BADC holds the preliminary CRU TS3.00 datasets for the period 1901-2006. Note that these data are yearly files REGARDLESS of whether the data exists for the full year. In CRU TS3.00, the data up to 06/2006 *ONLY* has been used. The CRU TS 3.00 data are monthly gridded fields based on monthly observational data, which are calculated from daily or sub-daily data by National Meteorological Services and other external agents. The ASCII and netcdf data files both contain monthly mean values for the various parameters. All CRU TS output files are actual values - NOT anomalies. CRU TS data are available for download to all CEDA users.