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  • This dataset contains data from the UK Chemistry and Aerosol model (UKCA) vn10.9 Atmospheric Model Inter-comparison Project (AMIP6) type simulations. 8 new heterogeneous reactions were added to the model involving chlorine and bromine species with the explicit treatment of the reactions of the following additional chemical species: Cl2, Br2, ClNO2 and BrNO2. The model explicitly specify the emissions of five very short-lived bromocarbon species (CH3Br, CH2BrCl, CH2Br2, CHBr2Cl, CHBrCl2) and are provided as model input files. These changes are described in more detail in a companion paper (Ming et al., 2020, JGR Atmospheres). The model runs were used to investigate tropical volcanic eruptions in a pre-industrial climate and their effect on stratospheric ozone. The dataset covers the whole globe at a resolution of N96. The output files include a 60 year control run and the model experiments that support the publication. Each model experiment is made up of 4 ensemble members. The contents of the individual data files are further described in the document The parameters included in the model output files are total column ozone, HCl mixing ratio and mean residual vertical velocity. Isotopic constraints on past ozone layer in polar ice (ISOL-ICE) was a NERC funded project to use ice-core data and numerical models to investigate the past variability in the ozone layer.