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  • This dataset contains standard assimilated data concerning stratospheric temperature, geopotential height and wind components produced by the Stratospheric Data Assimilation System at the UK Met Office. Data is provided from 1991 to 2022. The data assimilation system is a development of the scheme used at the Met Office for operational weather forecasting, which has been extended to cover the stratosphere. The primary product is a daily analysis (at 1200 UTC) which is produced using operational observations only. For short periods of particular interest the analyses are available at 6-hourly intervals. Assimilation experiments using UARS (Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite) data in addition to operational meteorological observations have been carried out for limited periods. The global model producing this data was updated on July 11th 2017. Data from this date has an increased resolution of N1280L70: 2560 latitude x1920 longitude and vertical 70 levels (model top 80 km), see the documentation for full details.