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  • This dataset consists of a spreadsheet of data and a series of photographs. A set of natural phlogopite crystals were exposed to varying partial pressures of a He-Ne-Ar gas mixture at 930-1030°C for 20-161 hours to investigate the solubility of these gases in phlogopite. The experiments and analyses were carried out in 2013 and 2014. The experiments were carried out in piston cylinder apparatus at Brown University, USA by Dr Colin Jackson and the gas concentrations measured at the Open University, UK, by Dr Clare Warren. The NERC grant is NE/J013072/1.

  • Solubility and kinetic data for Fe(II)-silicate precipitation over a range of temperatures, as well as metal drawdown and metal release during diagenesis. Characterisation data for solid precipitates using FTIR and XRD. The XRDML data should be opened on Panalytical highscore, and the XLS file should be opened with Excel, Numbers or OpenOffice. Paper currently under review ‘Micronutrient availability in ferruginous, silica-rich Precambrian oceans’, Rosalie Tostevin, Imad Ahmed