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  • The Cloud and Water Vapour Experiment (CWAVE) was a measurement campaign at the CCLRC-Chilbolton Observatory; it was supporting associated with two EC FP5 projects, CLOUDMAP2 and CLOUDNET. A wide range of satellite and ground based instruments measured a variety of atmospheric properties ranging from cloud parameters to water vapour. In addition, the measurements coincided with the results from a reduced resolution Unified Model (UM) run by the Met Office.

  • The EMERALD projects were airborne measurement campaigns designed to study dynamical, microphysical and infra-red radiative properties of cirrus clouds, using both in-situ and remote measurement techniques. The dataset contains static air temperature, static air pressure, relative humidity, water vapour mixing ratio, and ozone mixing ratio. These data are part of the NERC Clouds, Water Vapour and Climate (CWVC) programme.