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  • This dataset contains the time series of isoprene concentrations measured at Wytham Woods in the summer of 2018 during the Wytham Isoprene iDirac Oak Tree Measurements (WIsDOM) campaign, part of the NERC funded Biodiversity and Land Use Impacts on Tropical Forest Ecosystem Function (BALI) project. Isoprene is the largest biogenic emission on the planet and impacts air composition and climate. Seasonal data is important to underpin the biosphere-atmosphere exchange. A portable gas chromatograph, the iDirac (Bolas et al., Atmos. Meas. Tech, 2020) was used to monitor isoprene for a whole growing season (May-end September) in 2018 at Wytham Woods, an ancient woodland in the UK. Measurements were collected at 4 heights across the forest canopy: at ground level (0.53 m, inlet 1), in the under storey (7.25 m, inlet 2), at the crown level (13.17 m, inlet 3) and above the canopy (15.55 m, inlet 4). Ancillary data (air temperature and photosynthetic active radiation, or PAR) were also collected. The WIsDOM campaign was a joint effort of Cranfield University and the University of Cambridge.