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  • Daily concatenated files of ceilometer cloud base height and aerosol profile data from University of Cologne's Lufft CHM15k "Nimbus" deployed at Julich, Germany. These data were produced by the EUMETNET's E-PROFILE processing hub as part of the ceilometer and lidar network operated as part of the by EUMETNET members. This network covers most of Europe with additional sites worldwide. The site has a corresponding WMO Integrated Global Observing System (WIGOS) id: 0-276-0-10508. See online documentation for link to station details in the Observing Systems Capability Analysis and Review (OSCAR) Tool. EUMETNET is a grouping of 31 European National Meteorological Services that provides a framework to organise co-operative programmes between its Members in the various fields of basic meteorological activities. One such programme is the EUMETNET Profiling Programme: E-PROFILE. See EUMETNET page linked from this record for further details of EUMETNET's activities.

  • This dataset contains fossil and modern pollen data collated during a workshop held in the UK in 2008 as part of the NERC (Quantifying and Understanding the Earth System) QUEST programme. The 96 sampling sites are located from 24°E (western Ukraine and Belarus) to easternmost Siberia, and lie north of latitude 40°N. The sample ages range from 21ka to present and are assigned to 1,000 year time slices. The dataset has been checked for consistent taxonomy and a redundancy-free taxonomy has been produced. Full details about this dataset can be found at